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Is it possible to store data in a Python file in a way similar to Ruby's __END__ section?
I have a script that I am working on to process a bunch of data. A good portion of the Tk-based GUI is driven by a large set of YAML data and I'd love to store that data inside of the script so that I can send just a single file to my colleague. Ruby has a mechanism for doing this whereby I can load the data by doi... 2 Apr 2010 17:03
6th Int. Conf. on Technology and Medical Sciences – Announce & Call for Papers
Dear Colleague, We are pleased to announce the TMSi2010 – 6th International Conference on Technology and Medical Sciences ( that will be held at the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto, Porto, Portugal, on October 21-23, 2010. Possible Topics (but not limited to) - Analysis a... 2 Apr 2010 14:49
plagiarism, no follow-ups please
On Apr 2, 8:27 am, A Serious Moment <marty.musa...(a)> cross-posted a 1980 paper by J. Hartmanis and S.R. Mahaney, falsely taking credit for their work. ... 2 Apr 2010 15:56
plagiarism, no follow-ups please
On Apr 2, 6:14 am, A Serious Moment <marty.musa...(a)> cross-posted an OCR'd version of a 1980 paper by SR Mahaney, mutilating the text further to remove its attribution and create the false impression of authorship by the (im)poster. ... 2 Apr 2010 09:16
subclass of object
Hi, what is the difference between: def MyClass(object): pass and def MyClass(): pass ... 2 Apr 2010 14:49
subprocess.Popen objects: how to ensure that stdin is closed
I am writing a small app which requires input using stdin to the subprocess. I use the following technique: proc = subprocess.Popen (cmdargs, stdin=subprocess.PIPE) proc.stdin.write ("Something") proc.stdin.flush () .... proc.stdin.write ("something else") proc.stdin.flush () .... and so on. I cannot... 2 Apr 2010 07:05
idle 2.x and unicode literals
Hi, I'm working with Python 2.6.4 on Ubuntu 9.10 and noticed a difference between IDLE and command line python. If I enter an é (accented e, LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH ACUTE) as a unicode string in command line python I get this: u'é' u'\xe9' In IDLE 2.6.4 I get this: u'é' u'\xc3\xa9' IDLE i... 2 Apr 2010 06:01
PyGame migrating to JavaScript
Startling news from : pygame rewritten for javascript - Apr 1, 2010 Javascript in recent years has been getting better and better, and now is a way better language than python. So to keep up with the times pygame has been rewritten for javascript. Please prepare your codebas... 2 Apr 2010 13:42
Browser-based MMOG web framework
Hi, I could use some advice on my project. It's a browser-based MMOG: "The High Seas" (working title) Basically it is a trading game set in 1600s or 1700s ... inspirations: Patrician 3, Mine Things, Space Rangers 2, ... Travel between cities takes several days: game updates trading ship positions every 10 mi... 1 Apr 2010 23:33
Good Intermediate Tutorials
I've recently finished reading A Byte Of Python and have the basics of Python down. I want to continue practice but I'm unsure what I can do. So I started looking for tutorials to open my mind a little, but everything I come across are beginner tutorials that cover the same topics...over and over. Can anyone poi... 4 Apr 2010 01:46
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