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>>>>>> AdAware SE cannot find spyware hidden by rootkits.
>>>>>> You will need to get one of the Anti Rootkit programs from
>>>>>> to find what rootkits.
>>>>>> regards
>>>>> there is no such thing as a rootkit on Win9x systems
>>>>> The whole OS is open to any user, so the OS itself could be
>>>>> considered a rootikit (if it weren't for the invisibility aspect of
>>>>> rootkits)
>>>> True?
>>>> No rootkits for Win98SE?
>>>> They are so "advanced" that they cannot run on these older OSes?
>>> The majority of rootkits (AIUI) rely on Alternate Data Streams (ADS)
>>> for their stealth capability - and Win9x does not support ADS
>>> (witness the fact that the WMF exploits that broke out at the new
>>> year affected only the NT hierarchy of Windows, because the
>>> vulnerability was effectively using ADS)
>>> While the active files may be present, Windows 9x is effectively
>>> incapable of accessing the routines within the files, and so remains
>>> unaffected.
>> Thank you!
>> Would ther be any way of finding those files / corrupted files?
>> And then removing / fixing them?
>> Any "worries" re the registry?
> The usual anti-virus and anti-malware solutions will still work on these
> critters in Win9x AFAIK - their scanners are still effective.
> AIUI, the registry is not affected, simply because the malware isn't run