From: Arno on
Here are some speed results I obtained with a
mixed HDD and SDD RAID1. I used a 3 disk setup,
but 2 disk should be comparable.

Setup: 3-way RAID1
HDD: 5400rpm 500GB/320GB notebook drives
37GB partitions in the middle of the disks.
SDD: Corsair (Samsung) P64, one 37GB partition
Filesystem: ext3

- Opening a maildir in mutt with 1570 emails totalling 75MB
- Copying the same maildir onto the same filesystem
with following sync, i.e. "time (cp -r wagner/ ttt; sync )"

Before each run "sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches"
to clear the chaches. Each measurement average of 3.

3 HDDs:
mutt: 12 sec (0.5 sec from cache)
cp: 19 sec

2 HDD + 1 SDD:
mutt: forgot to run it
cp: 14.7 sec

2 HDD + 1 SDD, HDDs removed and re-added with --write-mostly
mutt: 2.5 sec
cp: 4.1 sec

Yes, --write-mostly works. It needs removing and adding with this as
additional option for the HDD partitions (and waiting for the resync
on each), but the results are impressive and what I was looking for,
namely getting rid of the glacially slow mutt maildir open.


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