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On 2010-04-07, Lie Ryan <lie.1296(a)> wrote:
> On 04/07/10 02:22, Grant Edwards wrote:
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>>>> Pablo Recio Quijano wrote:
>>>>> Why must be commercial, when there is open and free alternatives? Like
>>>>> GNU Plot.
>>>> Gnuplot is ugly. I'm using it because I don't care if it's ugly but it
>>>> clearly lacks of look & feel for presentations, as requested by the OP.
>>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>> In other words, Gnuplot presents information in a clear, obfuscated
>> That should be: unobsuscated
>> stupid spell-checker...
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^
> is unobsuscated an obsuscated version of unobfuscated?



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AlienBaby <matt.j.warren(a)> writes:

> I'd be grateful for any suggestions / pointers to something useful,

Ignoring the commercial vs. open source discussion, although it was a
few years ago, I found Chart Director ( to
work very well, with plenty of platform and language support,
including Python.

-- David
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Grant Edwards <invalid(a)invalid.invalid> writes:

> If it's 2D data, you don't need to use a 3D graph.

if it's tabular data, you don't need an uber-histogram
giampippetto, coso, come si chiama? ah si` "MMAX" ha scritto:
> Tra il trascendente e l'interpretazione prevalente del dato come
> assioma ne passa...