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On Thu, 22 Oct 2009 18:08:43 +0000 (UTC), Gordon Henderson
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>I think the next post answers it, but by the sounds of it, the router
>(that's the netgear!) is failing in it's duties as a dhcp server in that
>it's forgetting IP's it's already assigned, so deliberately making some
>devices have a static IP and leaving those that won't really care to
>have dynamic ones keeps everything separate.
>It's considered good practice anyway (well amongst some!) - basically keep
>the servers and other "known" devices on a known fixed IP address by not
>using DHCP for them, but do use DHCP for the majority of things that
>come and go...
>On my LAN, which is typical of many I've built, I have it more or less
>the same way - my routers, server and asterisk boxes are on fixed IP
>addresses - as are test & development servers and my printer. Laptops,
>VoIP phones are all dynamically assigned via DHCP.

Thanks all, for the various advice. I'm pretty sure Netgear have a problem with
this particular router. Anyway, I've taken up the suggestions and am going to
make it a fixed network - in fact I only have the Windows left to do. I think
that will solve the problem. I definitely want them all in the same places
because I use WinSCP to shovel files around.

Thanks again.
Andy C