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"Bob Donald" > Yeah, repost it under this name, would love to read it. I
loved when I read
> an article with Alex Lifeson and he <and I'm sure it's not the first time
> it's been said > said I'd rather play 3 good notes than 30 bad ones. As
> much as I love hearing a good speed player, Gilmour gets to the soul with
> his leads. You can feel every note.

I cannot find the post online using Google. :-(
Anybody know how to pull up stuff that was written in the nineties from this
I do a search on my name and I am getting only two posts and I had hundreds.
Anyone have an archived database stored somewhere?

Maybe it is on my old old old old computer and I could put it on a floppy
and transfer it to my old old old computer which has a floppy and is hooked
up to the internet but I think I lost most of those old posts when windows
95 went belly up and I had to reinstall it but I think I saved all of those
posts on a .pst file somewhere before I did my install.

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> "Here In Oregon" <HIO(a)> blatted:
>>"Here In Oregon" <HIO(a)> wrote in message
>>> "Organfreak" <plonk(a)plinkety.plunk> wrote in message
>>> news:simqp5pvmpvt4qk1qd9ufjllucjbns5523(a)
>>>> "Here In Oregon" <HIO(a)> blatted:
>>>>>"Organfreak" <plonk(a)plinkety.plunk> wrote in message
>>>>>> "Here In Oregon" <HIO(a)> blatted:
>>>>>>>"Here In Oregon" It is out on DVD and here
>>>>>>>> is a very limited trailer that doesn't say much.
>>>>>>>Correction, it doesn't give you the *just* of the performance as a
>>>>>>>the continuity
>>>>>>>of the show.
>>>>>> Did you mean, the *gist*?
>>>>>Yes sir. I stand corrected once aagin. How are you today; how is your
>>>>>Any new Bono tunes?????
>>>> I dunno, is that that U2 guy? I don't keep up with them.
>>> Sorry. I stand corrected,... again. Any new Bonow tunes?
>>I will never accuse you of being a chatty Cathy. <g>
> I was busy, HIO. Anyway, no, what he's working on now is his public access
> TV
> show on Kauai. Several episodes have aired already, but he's working hard
> to
> improve the product. There will be some Youtube versions sooner or later.
> In service of this, Dan's learned how to do video editing and production
> (took
> some classes).
> It's a good concept: as "Unko Funki," he chats to the audience about the
> local
> music scene, then he takes us on a visit to a local group's or muso's
> studio and
> does an interview, with music interspersed.
> The name "Bono" is a bit of a sore point with our boy, since it's
> pronounced the
> same and he was there first. So when somebody calls him that, I always
> pretend
> to not know what you're talking about!

Hey that is cool. Let us know when the videos are up on youtube. I miss
Hawaii every waking day and I am pretty sure that my frequent flyer mile
rewards does not include trips to Hawaii and only in the continental U.S. I
did get a free trip to Houston that I will be taking next month.
I saw U2 (bono) with that keyboard player from Pearls Before Swine in San
Fran before they got famous. Sorry, I will never make that mistake again
and I know how irritating that can be.

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