From: Richard on
My computer always takes a good while to boot up, but suddenly I have
started getting a series of white progress bars that appear at the
bottom of my screen almost as soon as the boot process starts. This
takes about 15 mins to fill up and everything then goes ahead as per
normal and my speed becomes as usual. I have found a couple of forums
that have mentioned the problem, but there has never been a conclusion
as far as I can see. I am running XP Home SP3, have done a
SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes scan which both report no problem. I
have defragged and run Registry Mechanic - no problems. I did have an
external disk problem which I re-formatted successfully. I have
disconnected this drive but the problem remains. I have checked all
start-up programs - all OK. I then started in Safe mode and Bootlogging
mode and found a list of (16).sys files that are failing to load, but
which I don't have a clue about. One of the forums I looked at suggested
a memory ckecking process starting at every boot, but not that I have
started or know how to check for. Any help very much appreciated.