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Thank you Dan for your detailed explanation. Its very useful.

Dan Guzman wrote:
>Run Performance Monitor against the server while the package is running.
>The key metrics to monitor are:
>Memory:Pages/sec: This should average at or near zero, with occasional
>spikes. If you see a lot of paging, reduce SQL Server Max memory so that
>there is enough memory for SSIS and SQL Server to run concurrently without
>Processor:% Processor Time: Verify all CPUs are not at capacity. If CPU is
>high due to SSIS queries, perform query and index tuning. If you have
>parallel plans, consider adding the OPTION (MAXDOP 1) to reduce processor
>utilization in deference to OLTP performance.
>Physical Disk:Avg. Disk Queue Length: This should average under 2 times the
>number of physical spindles. Query and index tuning of SSIS queries can
>mitigate I/O bottlenecks.
>If your SSIS package performs a lot of inserts or updates, ensure log files
>are on different physical disks than the data files.
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