From: Abe Lau on
On a routine checking on the PDC last week, I found 2 identical user entries
displayed under "pdbedit -Lv" (identical "User SID" and "Primary Group SID"

With "pdbedit -x -u UserA", both entries of UserA got removed.

As soon as I re-add UserA to the samba user list, an identical duplicate of
UserA were created. This happens only on UserA.

"tdbbackup -v *.tdb" gives:
account_policy.tdb : 19 records
ntdrivers.tdb : 1 records
ntforms.tdb : 0 records
ntprinters.tdb : 1 records
passdb.tdb : 188 records
registry.tdb : 51 records
schannel_store.tdb : 26 records
secrets.tdb : 5 records
share_info.tdb : 1 records

I am wondering what direction I should go in resolving this.

System Info:
Debian Lenny
Samba 3.2.5-4lenny
PDC with tdbsam backend

Many thanks,
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