From: Mikael Hansen, COR┬ĚNATOR A/S <Mikael Hansen, COR?NATOR on
In version 3.70 it was possible to make backup with hotcopy.exe whitout
setting readpermission to all tabledata. Using windows-logon is not a
solution because the user want to avoid the network-admin access to data
stored In the Navision-database.

Why this change from version 3.70 to version 4.0?

The user now have to go back to a backup-solution that requires the server
to stop for a time every night when copying the database normally from the
operation system. To bad. :-(

Please go back to the functionality at this area to version 3.70, or advice
us to a solution that make it possible to use HOTCOPY.EXE without setting the
Network-admin to SUPER-user at all tabledata in Navision.

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