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Calculations in .csv via SED AWK
Calculations in .csv via SED AWK Hello is there a way to make easy calculations in .csv files through sed awk? In my case I want to do the following: date;cat;amount 01.01.2010;CAT1;60 01.01.2010;CAT1;5 01.01.2010;CAT2;7 01.01.2010;CAT2;50 01.02.2010;CAT2;1 01.02.2010;CAT2;2 I need a summarization and ... 20 Mar 2010 23:16
python & perl bigint difference
Same bigint arguments for python and perl, but different results. Why? $ python -c 'import sys;import string;A=string.atol(sys.argv[1]);B=string.atol(sys.argv[2]);print A/ B;print A%B' 1234123421349021473959009509174 1242143346469273498789234 993543 594467900074151457593112 $ perl -Mbigint -le '($a,$b)=@ARGV;... 4 Mar 2010 04:30
Performance problem - Not able to write to file
Hi, I have an interesting performance problem - I'm creating a file /tmp/ out in a server & putting the JVM startup progress in it. The typical content of this file could be - JVM01 .....STARTED And I have 10 such JVMs in a machine so they all simultaneously try to write to this file at one instance. Now I fou... 12 Mar 2010 09:24
Call for Paper The International Journal of Computer Science (IJCS)
Call for Paper The International Journal of Computer Science (IJCS) publishes original papers on all subjects relevant to computer science, communication network, and information systems. The highest priority will be given to those contributions concerned with a discussion of the background of a practical problem,... 2 Mar 2010 12:22
Bash directory traversal with spaces
Hi everyone, I'm trying to write a bash script which will cd into each directory in the current one; do something; then cd back out again. The problem I have is that some of the client's directories contain spaces. My best effort is below. function myecho { echo $1 } find ./*/ -maxdepth 0 -type d -pri... 4 Mar 2010 08:56
wget, forms, password, cookies
We have recently replaced one of our switches (Allied Telesyn) with a different model. These switches have a telnet and http interface. I used to access it (and I still access the other switches) programmatically (from a shell script using expect, and from a java application via http), in order to retrieve a t... 3 Mar 2010 21:59
Processing stdin in blocks
I'm surely missing something obvious here. I have a stream of data coming from a pipeline. The format is something like .... aaaaaaaa bbbbbbbb cccccccc END jjjjjjjj kkkkkkkk END llllllll END mmmmmmmm nnnnnnnn oooooooo pppppppp END etc.etc. that is, the data is composed of logical "blocks", of va... 3 Mar 2010 05:09
Escaping regexp meta characters
Hi, How do I escape all meta characters in $foo in the command sed s/$foo/bar/ Regards August ... 3 Mar 2010 09:32
search pattern and display lines around the pattern
I have about 30 text files containing some MQ object definitions. I want to locate some CHANNEL definitions with a pattern "SSLCAUTH(REQUIRED)". For example: $ find . -type f -exec grep -l SSLCAUTH\(REQUIRED\) {} \; ../host1/Q_MANAGER1.log ../host1/Q_MANAGER2.log ../host2/Q_MANAGER3.log ../host2/Q_MANAGER4.... 26 Feb 2010 18:41
jmanage start/stop init.d bash script
Hi, I have the jmanage init.d bash script. The script works perfectly fine. when i start the script using sudo /etc/init.d/jmanage start it starts fine but does not fall to the $ prompt. I need to enter the return key to fall it back to the $ prompt. My bash script is here Pl... 25 Feb 2010 04:45
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