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alternative for ctime
hi, I would like to write a script to grep some pattern in few set of log files and alert it... In order to avoid duplicate alert i plan to store the "FILENAME:ERR- LINE-NUMBER:FILE-CREATION-TIME" in a flat file (colon delimiter) , so that next time if the same pattern found in same line it will check agains... 27 Apr 2010 03:13
find improvement performance
Hi I have the below command ( It's run on HP/Sun/AIX servers ) cd ${DIRECTORY_TO_CHECK} find . -follow -type f ! -name "*.css " ! -name "*.jpg" ! -name "*.hpp" ! -name "*.gif" ! -name "*.c" ! -name "*.cpp" ! -name "*.txt" ! -name "*.log" ! -name "*.java" ! -name "*.h" ! -name "*.html" -perm -o+r -exec ls -... 26 Apr 2010 21:44
grep improve performance
Hi I have ksh script that execute many times grep command ( in loop ) on the same file ( big file ~ 7K lines ) Can I improve the grep command ? Like try to load the file to memory . The grep command like below: grep "$FILE_NAME" myfile | read A B Thanks ... 27 Apr 2010 20:12
AWK question - split string into variables
Hi, I'm writing a script (ksh) where the user enters a date parameter as follows: -a "begin time" Job will not start until after begin time begin time is in the form of month:day:hour:minute where month 1-12, day is 1-31, hour is 0-23 and minute is 0-59. At least 2 fields must be given hour:minute, if 3 fi... 25 Apr 2010 13:16
how to log comman to a file ?
Hi All System :AIX 5.3 I prepare procedure for Database activity to other party. I want log each command to a file. how to log commad to a file ? e.g. ls -lt *.txt ps -ef|grep pro ps -ef|grep pro|wc -l rm *.txt moonhk ... 23 Apr 2010 21:03
AWK question - split string into variables
On 23/04/2010 05:46, Ed Morton wrote: Yes, but that wouldn't solve the logic problem. You could instead use GNU date's --date= argument or GNU awks' "mktime()" function to check if the specified date is a real one by trying to use it as a date. How would you do the test with GNU awks' "mktime()" funct... 23 Apr 2010 21:03
anchor for next position in regular expression
Hi, I would like to replace beginning 'a's with 'b's in a text file. For example: Input aaaabaaaa bbaaa Output ccccbaaaa bbaaa I searched and found that perl has a very simple solution: perl -pe 's/(^|\G)a/c/g' The perl regex uses the special \G anchor to mark the position of the next cha... 24 Apr 2010 11:38
Allocate a new tty/pty
Hi, From the shell, I want to allocate a new pseudoterminal using a named pipe for its stdin and stdout. Is this possible? I've looked for a program that will do this, but I'm coming up short. screen will not do exactly what I want, from what I can tell. My end goal is that I have several ptys open, and... 23 Apr 2010 21:04
Question using sed replace text file \t
Hi All System AIX 5.3 @ office /Cygwin @ home Where RT is New Order number, I want replace "123" to new order number. For testing third party program. How to handle regular expression. Now,I am build some testing file. When RT have \t ,(some text fields need to add special/meta character on it. ) then add t... 23 Apr 2010 17:39
formatted output - help needed
On Apr 22, 3:38 pm, ezhil <ezhi...(a)> wrote: Hi, I have a file with 12 fields and 3000 row. For each row, I would like to print col 1 and then when it comes to col 7, it should print 2 columns together followed by a field separation till the end. I have tried something like: awk '{printf... 23 Apr 2010 17:40
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