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Using wget
Hi, I´m trying use wget to retrieve a full web page data, but I´m only getting this: <html><head> <STYLE TYPE="text/css"> ..redTitle{font-family : Verdana;font-size : 9pt;font-weight : normal;color=red;} </STYLE> <title>Please Wait...</title> <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0"> </head><body> <q class... 14 May 2010 06:15
Free Online Subversion Training - All About Subversion Hook Scripts Hook scripts are server-side executables tied to various Subversion events. During this course, attendees will learn how to use hook scripts for: * Email notification of an event * Commit validation * Automatic backup of changes * Integration with issue trackers a... 12 May 2010 05:53
Allow creation of files, prevent creation of sub-directories
Hi, Is there a security setting in Unix that allows the creation of files within a set of sub-directories, but prevents the creation of additional sub-directories? Thanks, Scott ... 13 May 2010 10:28
two sed commands , want to reduce to one sed command
Hi, I have the following two sed commands that delete tabs in a file then deletes empty lines. I am having to use two seperated commands to do this including the move of the files. Is there a way I can reduce the two sed commands into one sed command to make it more efficent, or is there a way just to make th... 11 May 2010 15:39
su - user question
Hi All When using su - jim, how to shown who start a subshell ? e.g. my id is moonhkt, then su - jim, How to shown moonhkt in subshell ? man ... 3 To set up the environment as if you had logged in as the jim user, type: su - jim This starts a subshell using jim's login environm... 12 May 2010 15:51
Exclude a single file from grep
Hi, Is there a way in which a particular file can be excluded from grep operations. Say, a directory has 15 files/directories and I want to using => grep -r "pattern" * Can I exclude a single file from this Thanks Unix baby ... 14 May 2010 04:05
Why it does not work?
In my script, I do this: a=100 b='expr $a \* 2' The error is: expr $a \* 2: integer expression expected Thanks. ... 12 May 2010 16:58
Want "find" to automatically include "-follow" option
Hi, I'm using Mac 10.6.3. How can I configure find such that when I run the comand find . -name "*.txt" the "-follow" (follow symlinks) command is automatically included. I don't want to have to specify this command every time I run find, that is. Thanks, - Dave ... 11 May 2010 11:09
Running a script through Automatic scheduler
Hi All, We have a script which when run manually does perform the job quite well, but when scheduled thorugh Automatic scheduler (CA - autosys), fails. The failure is becuase of its unability to find some AIX commands like lspv, lscfg etc. I suspect its becuase autosys is not able to get the environment varia... 11 May 2010 06:46
awk question
My data file ---- zone "data1.txt" { type gb2; file "/nas/data1.txt"; }; zone "delta.doc" { type gb2; file "/nas/delta.doc"; }; zone "meta.exe" { type gb2; file "/nas/meta.exe"; }; ---- I need to select text between zone and }; so I wrote awk '/^zone... 10 May 2010 07:40
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