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Fueling your car with natural gas from home
Dear Everyone, as you know the price of the Oil is more and more increasing, while the oil supply is decreasing. Moreover Oil is causing wars, terror, oil spills, a lot of greenhouse gases. Do you know that there is plenty of natural gas ? The supply will last for many decades, probably for hundred years. A lot o... 22 Jun 2010 06:05
Discount Wholesale LV Jeans from china,paypal payment and free shipping
Discount Wholesale Affliction Jeans <free shipping paypal payment> Discount Wholesale AK Jeans ( ) Discount Wholesale Armani Jeans Discount Wholesale Artful Dodger Jeans <free shipping paypal payment> Discount Wholesale BAPE Jeans Discount Wholesale BBC (http:/... 21 Jun 2010 21:24
separating a file into pairs of words
A textfile looks like this: word1 word2 word3 word4 word5 word6 ... I want to make it look like this: word1 word2 word2 word3 word3 word4 word4 word5 .... so that every adjacent pair of words appears as one line of the new file. Can someone give me a quick clue how to accomplish this? Many thanks. ... 27 Jun 2010 09:32
Changing SAS proc format to if-then-else
Hi All, Can anyone let me know how to write a perl script or ksh script to change proc format in SAS to if-then-else. Please see below for example. Thanks for your help. /*OLD FILE*/ %let _V0 = var1; /* xnbntl75_n */ %let _V1 = var2; /* pct_pay_bal_cyc_1 */ proc format; value V_... 20 Jun 2010 20:03
(sh/bash) How to check for a string matching -*?
Currently, I use case/esac to test to see if a string starts with a dash: case $1 in case -*) ... esac But it would be more convenient to be able to do it with "test" syntax, i.e.: [ $1 {something} - ] I think there is some syntax to do that, but I don't know it. -- (This discussion group is about C... 22 Jun 2010 09:21
substituting a blank character
I have a collection of files of all ascii data in which certain lines contain an @ char. In the lines that don't have the @ char, I want to substitute a space. However, since the @ is not at the beginning or end of the line, I am having difficulty determining how to accomplish this. The data below is not the r... 21 Jun 2010 04:47
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Can't work out the globbing in this script
I've found some code that makes a cursor spin around. It appears to me that the author is globbing/patternmatching his way through the cursor spin states. But he doesn't comment what he's done. There are a couple of clever things, secondly is the printf substitution that he's done. But in order to make that work... 25 Jun 2010 21:56
OMG!...cant believe i found this on the usenet!!
sorry first post on the usenet was kinda experimentin to see hw tis thing works so pls do reply ,so tat i can kno wher they ll be ,nd how to access them nd stuff..thnx. ... 19 Jun 2010 06:56
bash doesn't recognize control-c, control-z
bash doesn't recognize control-c, control-z I'm on HP-UX. Below is some output from stty -a. Obviously, control-z (susp) is undefined. But neither @ (for kill) nor DEL (for intr) work. How do I set these up? I know there's a way, but I've completely forgotten and google didn't show an immediate result. in... 19 Jun 2010 06:56
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