From: Richard Webb on
On Thu 2038-Jan-21 16:53, geoff writes:
>> FInally, I really wonder if we should bother with this
>> audiophool nonsense at all, it has no business in this
>> newsgroup.

> I think exposure of rather a dubious practice of a major Pro Audio
> company (albeit a high-end consumer product) is of interest to most
> here....

Maybe, but "high end" and "consumer say all that need to be
said. Look at what big pharma is doing with the advertising of prescription drugs here in the U.S. PUt those two words
together in any sentence and I automatically think snake oil bullshit.

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From: Ron on
On 21/01/2010 23:57, Richard Webb wrote:
> On Thu 2038-Jan-21 12:52, Ron writes:
>>>> Posts from buzzardnews come from the nutbag in Australia.
>>>> Buzzardnews have proved that they care not a whit about
>>>> absuers like the mcarty.
> <snip>
>>> Not a problem at all, Bob. Spammers and stalkers need to go away quietly
>>> into that dark night. In fact, most of 'em are already there and don't
>>> know it.
>> This is what happens when possibly well meaning people cross post to
>> r.a.p
> Actually it pollutes both groups in the long run Ron. THe
> real Bob doesn't normally post here in this group, he's a
> recording hobbyist mostly.
> I've spoken to the real Bob on the telephone a few times and exchanged emails with him. HE's a nice enough guy, but some aspects of this problem are his own doing. I.E. supposedly
> Brian was able to gain entrance to his residence by posing
> as a telco repairman. Pretty easy to check out, most telco
> folks drive a telco vehicle when doing such work.
> I note that for all the cross posting to
> rec.arts.movies.production-sound and other forums on Usenet
> that Mr. Wexler whom Brian associated with at one time has
> never weighed in on the subject that I've seen. HE seems to avoid such threads altogether, but does post occasionally to ramps.
> FInally, I really wonder if we should bother with this
> audiophool nonsense at all, it has no business in this
> newsgroup.

Well absolutely, I`ve always thought '' to be an oxymoron.
I have no beef with anyone in any newsgroup, we all have our faults. Tho
some people seem to only be here to cause trouble.

Almost everyone from a.a.p.l-s with whom I`ve corresponded or spoken
with privately, (certainly the pros) have usually proven to be quite
removed from their individual internet persona - there are one or two
notable exceptions...

It`s interesting to me that the people who seem to cause the most
trouble on a.a.p.l-s, are not audio professionals but 'enthusiastic