From: Arthur Entlich on
I suspect certain nozzles in your printer head are clogged. With Canon
printers, different nozzle sizes exists for each ink dot size, which
differs from a printer like an Epson which is able to create different
ink dot sizes using the same nozzles.

This explains why your HIGH printing looks reasonable but your lower
quality does not.

I believe the cartridges each have a chip on them which recalls the ink
levels, such that removing and reinstalling them should not cause the
printer to reject the cartridges or change the ink levels recorded.

If you could benefit from a general cleaning manual regarding Canon
heads, please email me for a free copy at:


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Sparky wrote:
> Canon MP510 using PGI 5 and CLI 8 Carts
> The black cartridge is giving me grief. On the default plain paper
> setting only some of each line of characters is visible ( more missing
> than present )
> If I increase the Print Quality to HIGH , the printout is fine. The test
> print ( grid ) has perhaps 1 or 2 broken lines. I've done a cleaning etc.
> I'd like to remove all the carts and clean with Windex as I did with my
> previous Canon ip3000.
> My concern is that if I remove the carts to clean the print head , will
> they be recognized again by the printer as full ( or half full ) when I
> put them back , or do I run the risk of having them tagged as empty ?
> Many Thanks