From: Michael Fanning on
Hi Phoenix, to get back on to you this point, it doesn't filter
notes. After playing with Reaper a bit today I am not sure if it even works
as a midi cc filter. Ever since the Cake midi fx interface was redesigned
(I forget what Sonar version it was)I've never had any problems getting the
Cake midi fx to do what I want it to do. The old interface was not very

Hey, one thing I just found in Reaper that is very cool is the real-time
tempo slider! I wish Sonar had that.

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> Post back if it does filter notes. Somehow I never can get Sonar's MIDI
> filter to cooperate .
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> romana(a)gallifrey.kasterborus

From: Ben Berman on
Bob Donald wrote:
> "Martin Holmes" <spammenot(a)> wrote in message
> news:hrpf8c$1j1h$1(a)
>> He had such a monster sound. I always thought Slade were under-rated as a
>> rock band. The Slade Alive album was amazing. I think the novelty aspect
>> of some of their later records, and the appearance of the band, meant that
>> they didn't really get taken seriously as musicians.
> Alot of that was over on this side of the pond though, they had awesome
> success over there.
>> I wonder what Dave Hill is doing now? Noddy Holder shows up acting in
>> Coronation Street once in a while!
> The last time I talked to him, he moved back to the UK (a few years ago),
> when Slade reformed <sans Noddy and eventually Jim, I beleive, as Slade II,
> then back to Slade the last I heard.>. He sent me a couple of the demo's of
> the new stuff and it sounded good, still had the underlying slade drive. We
> lost contact so I dont know what they are up to now, but I'm sure they are
> kicking butt whatever they are doing.
>> Must get myself another copy of Slade Alive. Lost my copy decades ago...
> Me too!

A bit late, but a fond memory - my very first ever live show: Slade,
opening for Blue Oyster Cult, at the Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ, wish
I could remember the date. Had to be around '76 or '77, maybe earlier.
Around the time of Slayed

We were there for Slade, and so naturally sat in the 3rd row, off to the
side, bang in front of the wall of Hiwatts, or whatever they were. Ears
rang for days. I think it was Noddy's voice, chock full of that 'wreck
yer ears' frequency range.

Gudbuy t'Jane still rocks the house 8-)


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