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>>>> : Hello:
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>>>> : In Lima, the winter is near, but today appeared strong sunshine, and
>>>> some
>>>> : took advantage of the moment, I took this photo:
>>>> :
>>>> :
>>>> :
>>>> : Thanks for your technical comments about photography.
>>>> There are few scenes in nature that convey total satisfaction like a
>>>> turtle
>>>> sunning himself on a log.
>>> Yes, and especially when It was cold in the days before.
>>Except that's not a log, but a scummy concrete cage.
>>What's the story with these?
>You forget something important. He's a devout christian. christians believe
>that animals have no souls.

Where do you get that idea???? Don't lump all christian sects together.

This means that they can give their animals any
>inhuman mistreatment that they want without fear of themselves ending up in
>hell. It's why all those bird photos of his show the birds' feathers torn
>out, and the tattered and chipped lead-painted cages that their wild-caught
>birds gnaw on in a desperation to escape their torture.
>The absolute irony in all of this: the ONLY animal in his photos that has
>no soul at all is mmyvusenet himself. His total lack of soul absolutely
>shows in every photo he has ever taken. I bet he never knew that his camera
>would reveal this about himself.