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Henry wrote:

> Grinder wrote:
>> On 8/3/2010 8:43 PM, Henry wrote:
>>> Sjouke Burry wrote:
>>>> Henry wrote:
>>>>> I'm running a 3GHZ Dell with 2G RAM and WINXP Pro SP2 and a Seagate
>>>>> 500GB external Hard Drive.
>>>>> I won't bother your or embarrass me by stating I that I now have a
>>>>> folder on my Seagate drive entitled "System Volume Information" which
>>>>> doesn't belong there. It has zero folders, zero files and zero bits
>>>>> of information in it. It has a grayed out Read Only box under
>>>>> properties. I've turned off System Restore for this drive, I've of
>>>>> course tried delete, and I've reformatted this drive twice. I can not
>>>>> get rid of the folder. Again, it's on my external hard drive, drive
>>>>> (K:\), it's *not* the one on my C:\ drive which I know enough to
>>>>> leave alone.
>>>>> Does any one know how I can get rid of this folder please?
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Henry
>>>> Yes, they are hidden xp system directory's and you cant get rid of
>>>> them. Even if you could, you should not.
>>> As I said in my original email, this is *not* the one on my C:\ drive
>>> but one that I accidentally put on my external hard drive. It's not
>>> needed there.
>> How did you accidentally put it on your external drive? Do you remember
>> specifically doing something, or did you just notice it one day?
>> It is a part of the NTFS file system, and contains System Restore
>> points, and maybe some other junk. Stop picking at it.
> I made the mistake of using a program that transfered my whole C:\
> drive to the Seagate external drive. So the System Volume Information
> folder that is on the external drive is my System Volume Information
> folder from my C:\ drive. Since I turned off System Restore for the
> Seagate, the folder has zero information in it. I know it was a dumb
> mistake. The file wasn't on there until I made the stupid mistake. My
> wife's Seagate external drive does *not* have that file on it, so the
> drive didn't make the file on it's own. Since I've been trying to get
> rid of it I now also have a folder called RECYCLER on the drive and I
> can't get rid of that either.

So these are now the folders dedicated to your drive. Since it is empty,
these folders are empty too.

If you really want to get rid of them, go to the folder properties of your
file browser and unclick "show system files".

Good luck!

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