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"Rod Speed" <> wrote...
>> Ripoffs (in the true sense) with established businesses
>> are quite rare, and involve relatively minor sums.
> Another pig ignorant lie.

It's a whopper! One of my most famous quotes is
"The bigger the company, the bigger the fraudsters"

>> Either way, you can't blame AllPhones for your inability,
>> or dispreference to reading legal contracts.
> Taint a legal contract. And there is no such word as dispreference anyway.

Thanks Rod, more than once you've supported my non-conventional yet just views.

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On Mon, 14 Jun 2010 16:25:20 +1000, "|-|ercules"
<radgray123(a)> wrote:

>BOLT = sprinter
>BILL = billionaire
>RAYGUN = star wars program
>WOODS = golf

HERC = Crazy as batshit

>See if you can guess Eve's name.


>She lives in QUEENsland.

You live in denial that you stalk innocent females.