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I've been using the Tasks feature with my manager for some time. He sends me
the task, I open it, etc.

Recently, I began receiving the Error message: "Can't open the item. The
Tasks folder cannot be found." when I try to open a task he has sent me.

I can access my own tasks folder and I am able to update and save tasks that
are already in there. I'm also able to access my manager's task folder and
enter new tasks in there. It is just those that he forwards to me that
cannot be opened.

I set up Outlook on a different client machine and I'm able to open and
accept tasks on that client. Having done that, I am able to work those tasks
on my local machine as they are successfully imported into my local tasks

I have tried:

Help -> Detect and Repair

Tasks -> Actions -> Save Task Order

Start ... Run ... "C:\...\Outlook.exe" /repairfolders

None of these actions has corrected the situation. I've also looked several
places for this error message and have found nothing.

Any suggestions?