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I chatted online with Lexmark this afternoon and the tech support rep. had me
uninstall/reinstall, then msconfigged out startup items to
uninstall/reinstall to make sure other software wasn't interfering with their
software and then I tried it all in Windows XP Safe Mode with
uninstalling/reinstalling and using selective startup with no items loading
in the startup items and it still gave me the error. I even uninstalled
McAfee for the entire time, fathom that.

When I disable Windows Error Reporting and select for critical errors, the
error still comes up and it just doesn't continue onto reporting it. I have
to de-select the item "tell me about critical errors" in order to have this
item not popup at all. The Lexmark 3300 (for my 3350 All-in-one Printer)
Imaging Studio software works, the fax software they provide works, it is
just the following error in detail which comes up in the Computer Management
Application Events Log:

Faulting application lxcctime.exe, version, faulting module
lxcculdr.dll, version, fault address 0x0000d1cc.

It registers as a 5000, 5001 error which is severe according to Microsoft.
I don't believe this categorization is proper for Microsoft to make since the
error doesn't make the computer or any software non-functional.
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