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Using Quicken 2009 Deluxe, on a PC.

Would like some help please. My wife's company, at the beginning of
this year, offered up a Roth 401k option. We eagerly took it. The
same contributions which used to go into her 401k now instead go into
her Roth 401k. But I am having a problem tracking these in Quicken.
We used to get a statement for just the 401k, without shares; only
totals for each fund in the 401k. That was fine, as I would,
quarterly, update the 401k totals. But now 100% of the contributions
go into the Roth 401k, and the statements give only a total for BOTH
accounts. So whereas before I got a 401k total of, say, $10,000, now
I get a statement with contributions to-date (into the Roth 401k), but
only a TOTAL amount of, say $15,000, including both the previous 401k
contributions and earnings, and the current Roth 401k contributions
and earnings. This is broken out by fund, but NOT by 401k vs. Roth

Any thoughts? I was fully prepared in Quicken and had set up a
separate Roth 401k account into which her contributions now go
directly from her paycheck. But the statements don’t let me reconcile
each account separately every quarter. Only together, however I do
that. That sucks!

Anyone else have a similar problem?

Thanks in advance for any help.