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> Hi Judy,
> If you go to Device Manager does it show all your usb controllers as
> normal or is there a yellow exclamation point there or a red x on one of
> them.
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I have a POS desktop I built by hand with Windows XP SP3. As soon as
I plug any new device into one of the USB ports, XP recognizes almost
instantly that something new has happened and I can take it from
there. Usually not having to do much of anything except follow the

Does XP even notice you plugged the new device in?

What is your new USB device? Is it really new or is it just new to
you? Do you believe it is undamaged? Have you contacted the
manufacturer or checked their WWW page?

Have you tried plugging your device into another Windows computer that
doesn't already know about it yet to see what happens?

Do any of your USB devices work?

Did your working USB devices stop working after you installed XP?

The 3000 has been for several years. Have these USB ports ever

If you are up and running and unplug or plug in a USB device that you
know works, does Windows notice that or is it just your new device
having the problem?

Where is that link on how to post a message...

This is as bad as the "Existing User Not Found!" message I got earlier
today from somewhere else.