From: Nix on
On 13 Oct 2009, Dave outgrape:

> Theo Markettos wrote:
>> Richard Kettlewell <rjk(a)> wrote:
>>> Would anyone care to recommend (or disrecommend) a USB serial adapter
>>> supported by Linux?
>> I don't think I've found one that won't. Software-wise there are roughly
>> two sorts, ones that end up as /dev/ttyUSBx and others as /dev/ttyACMx.
>> A lot of the cheap ones are made with the PL2303 chip or a clone, which
>> works just fine as ttyUSB.
> The only downside of the cheap ones is that they all look identical and if
> you're using more than one, beware that the numbering may change over the
> first reboot.

Ew! You're right. No identifiable properties at all: not even a serial
number. That really *is* cheap and nasty: I'm not sure I've ever seen a
USB device without any sort of serial number before.