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>>>> My computer which was working good for many years have broken down. It
>>>> shows nothing in the screen except "THE SIGNAL CABLE DISCONNECT" when i
>>>> turn it on. It doesn't produce any sound. I have replaced the RAM in
>>>> another slot, It did not work out too. What shall I do? Please help
>>>> me!
> How did you post this message if you can't turn on your computer? I think
> you should throw away your computer and buy a new one because clearly it
> appears to be damaged beyond cost-effectively repaired! Computers are
> very cheap these days though Microsoft Software will cost you an arm and a
> leg! unless you correct your system date we shall not reply again so you
> are on your own!
> hth

"Unless you correct your system date we shall not reply again" - who's this
"we" you want to speak so authoritatively on behalf of?

And as for "Your problem is that your computer isn't keeping the correct
time and date and if you can correct this fault, I am sure your computer
will start operating properly", that would be baloney even if he WERE
posting these messages from it, which he clearly isn't.