From: Malachi on
If you've blocked me, so be it. I'd really rather you didn't, but....

There are a number of individuals from my past that I would prefer not to be
able to google my activities on the internet. These would include my
darling ex-wife together with certain persons in certain very powerful (not
to mention excessively armed) political lobbies with whom I had unpleasant
dealings in the late 90's.

I happen to be the only person with my name in the world, at least if you
believe Google, making me easy to search.

So for now, I'm malachi to you.

"Ted Perlman" <tedperl(a)> wrote in message
> <How do you know for sure when someone is using a phoney name>
> I ask Glennbo :-)
> He is actually the ONLY pseudonym person I have left unblocked, but that's
> because I know who he is.
> Most people don't use a fake real-sounding name because it's too easy to
> simply look up online. Especially if you have actually done any "real"
> work
> in the music business.
> --
> Regards,
> Ted Perlman
> Producer-Arranger-Composer-Guitarist
> ted(a)