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Hi all,

since December 2004 I was a happy user of PSP9 online US English version.
After a PC crash I could not get my lost key for PSP9 again, so could not
Corel tech support. Uni, wait before you comment on this, because:

They found a fully functional German version of PSP9.00, including animation
shop 3, for me. A big hug to Corel tech support. German is my native
language, so now I work bilingual :-)

My questions
on Jasc's still accessible heavenly website

I found the German manual and the 901 update
German_PaintShopPro901_Jasc_Patch.exe. Excellent! It updated my PSP to 9.01.
There is another update JascPSPA522Patch_German.exe. I am not sure about
what it does. Has anybody experience with a similar sounding English
version? Anybody in this forum who uses also PSP9 DE?