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You do not want to run acmsetup.exe, there should be a lot of files unzipped
and you want to run setupsp6.exe, which will install service pack 6.


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On 11/03/2010 17:13, Earl Partridge wrote:
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>> On 11/03/2010 15:32, Earl Partridge wrote:
>>> Before getting deeper, let me add this info...
>>> The error has no number... It states: 'c:\foldername\dbgrid32.ocx' could
>>> not be loaded... Continue loading project?
>>> I respond Yes to continue, and things work as expected.
>>> I guess if I could just bypass that error response, I'd be
>>> happy.
>> You are bypassing it when you press yes.
>> The problem is that your app uses it so you either need to replace it
>> with a newer equivalent or get the old file for it to use.
> That error box seems to have been resolved with the following steps.
> In the Form_Load I was setting a variable "StartDay = day(now)". This
> was repeated in a Timer routine. I remarked out the variable
> setting in the Form_Load and that error no longer pops up.

No, most likely just saving "fixed" it by saving the project without
that DLL loaded.
If it compiles ok, it appears you weren't using it at all.

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Webbiz wrote:
> Karl E. Peterson <karl(a)> wrote:
>> Earl Partridge wrote:
>>> OK, done that, VB6 installed, but maybe not completely. Trying to run one
>>> of my projects from VB4, it can not find file dbgrid32.ocx. I did get a
>>> response while installing that it could not register
>> I'm not sure what to make of that.
>>> And, clicking Help, does not open help files. It appears the msdn are the
>>> help files and I have not been able to find them. Where are they?
>> MSDN is one of the optional components it asks if you want to install
>> after it's finished installing most of the other things that you chose.
>> If I recall correctly, it comes on three separate CDs, which you have
>> to shuffle in and out.
> I believe it is the October 2001 MSDN disks you need for VB6 to use
> the 'help'.

Those were the last updates to MSDN that worked, yeah, but VS6 also
came with a set of older (but still functional) docs. I don't think
the actual product docs changed much, but the SDK docs were always
being updated.

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