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Petter Gustad wrote:
> whygee <yg(a)yg.yg> writes:
>> Does anybody know the exact wording and origin ?
> You mean this?
yes, that's it !

> Petter

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Jonathan Bromley wrote:
> On Sat, 13 Feb 2010 06:29:20 +0100, whygee wrote:
>> I did not know that I would trigger so many strong reactions,
> <wipes spilt coffee from keyboard, resets cardiac pacemaker>
> Ignorance is bliss, but often unhelpful.
sorry for your keyboard :-)
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Hi !

Jonathan Bromley wrote:
> On Sat, 13 Feb 2010 06:25:13 +0100, whygee wrote:
>> The phrase that I partly remember summed up
>> many things about the divergences
>> between these two major HDL.
> It was, and still is, an amusing quote.
you get the point of the intention for the quote :-)

> Similarly amusing
> is the response, which I think is Janick Bergeron's, to the
> question "which HDL do you prefer"; the answer is "the one
> I'm not using this week".
Funny, I have tried to reinvent quite a lot of wheels,
but never a HDL.

> VHDL is, by any sensible measure, a hugely superior
> language for RTL design; but it was driven almost
> to the point of extinction by Verilog advocates in the
> RTL design community, who fell in love with Verilog's
> conciseness and apparent simplicity.
Well, I learnt VHDL because :
- I'm french and it's a de facto HDL in Europe
(or at least it was 10 years ago)
- it's very rich and expressive,
and I discover something new all the time

but yes, the overhead of learning all the subtleties
can distract my efforts away from actual design.
But I stick to it.
Fortunately, I don't run (yet) an ASIC design company :-D

> They had some
> real ammunition too; Verilog was designed from the
> outset to do a good job of gate-level and netlist
> simulation, but VHDL initially lacked some crucial
> features to deal with that.
I thought that VHDL was initially designed for simulation,
before synthesisers used it too (?)

> The VITAL standard filled
> that gap in VHDL, but its performance has always
> lagged far behind what Verilog can do and it's hard
> to imagine anyone doing VHDL gate-level simulation
> from choice.
hmmm... interesting, I have never thought about this.
Do you refer to post-route simulations here ?
And, according to your experience,
why would it be so slow compared the Verilog ?

> The RTL community's reluctance to adopt what it can
> from the software world is saddening and mystifying.
> I cannot think of even one serious attempt to raise
> the abstraction level of RTL design in the last
> 20 years that has been commercially successful.
I think that I'll leave this aspect uncovered in
my paper :-)

> By contrast, VHDL's limitations in the world of
> testbench writing are so severe that it's amazing
> it gained any traction at all in that space.
what are these limitations, in your opinion ?
I don't think I have run into any yet.

thanks for your explanations,

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> >> Does anybody know the exact wording and origin ?
> >You mean this?
> >
> Right, that's it, but the epithet has been around far
> longer than that post.

The quote predates Oct 200 as noted by the post:

Elsewhere the quote is attributed to David Bishop (in a few places
including a 2007 conference paper) but I'm not certain if that's from
a restatement (e.g. January 2006) or the original from Y2K or before.
David Bishop has at least reused the quote in 2006 prior to the 2007
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whygee <yg(a)yg.yg> wrote:

>recently I read a quote about VHDL vs Verilog,
>along the lines of "VHDL is made by SW people who
>don't understand HW and vice versa"...

Bottom line is that VHDL is more powerful & complicated than Verilog
but neither are the perfect language. For people with a background in
schematic capture for FPGA design VHDL may be a big step to take.
Verilog looks just like a netlist which is much closer the schematic

Failure does not prove something is impossible, failure simply
indicates you are not using the right tools...
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