From: Tim Hammerquist on
Tim Hammerquist <penryu(a)> wrote:
> aidy <aidy.rutter(a)> wrote:
> > At the top of the link
> > (, we have
> > this:
> >
> > "If you install Vim 7.x, the following Ruby support is
> > enabled out of the box:
> >
> > syntax highlighting for Ruby and eRuby
> > automatic, smart indenting for Ruby and eRuby
> > compiler plugins for running Ruby, eRuby and Test::Unit
> > IntelliSense-like autocompletion (Vim 7 only) "
> None of the above involves Vim executing Ruby code directly.
> The most the above items do is invoke the ruby executable from
> within Vim.

"Doug" has corrected me in this matter, saying:
> Actually the new omni completion script, rubycomplete.vim,
> does require the Ruby interface.

I just might have to check out this omni completion deal...

Thanks for the correction, Doug.

Tim Hammerquist
From: xmlblog (Christian Romney) on
I finally got it working. Make complained about some enum const
definintion in one the the system header files for OS X. I commented
out that one line and it compiled like a champ. Of course, I
uncommented out the enum def afterwards...