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>> > Regarding newsgroups vs. forums, I don't know what my job is "as an
>> > MVP" and I don't care. I'm interested in helping people when I can,
>> > and doing it the way that I think is best. If Microsoft has a view of
>> > what's best that's different from mine, that's their prerogative, but
>> > they won't change my view simply because that's their view.
>> >
>> > I participate in the Microsoft web-based forums, the old
>> > still-remaining Microsoft newsgroups (like this one), and the
>> > alt.windows7.general newsgroup. But when I participate in the forums,
>> > I do it via the NNTP bridge, and use my Fort´┐Ż Agent newsreader rather
>> > than do it on the web because I can dramatically reduce how long it
>> > takes me that way. So to me, the forums are still (sort of)
>> > newsgroups.
>> >
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>> Well said, Ken.
> Thanks very much, Tom.
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> Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP (Windows Desktop Experience) since 2003
> Please Reply to the Newsgroup

You're more than welcome!
I just about quit all of these newsgroups and went with the forums via the
Community NNTP Bridge, and then I see posts from you and others with a sense
of sanity about them, and decided to leave them on for a while longer. My
ISP carries copies of the MS groups (even the ones that MS has already
dropped), so I can continue with them even after MS closes them all until
there are no more new posts.
I don't know if it's the bridge or just the way they are posted in the
Answers and TechNet forums, but quite often I open a post and the subject
line and topic is much different than the subject line in the listing. I
opened one dealing with a video card, thinking maybe I could help, and found
that the article was about a network adapter. Go figure!
SC Tom