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>>> Sounds to me like Gamer101 is saying MBAM *found* the trojan, and he
>>> or she wants to know the consequences of having had that malware.

>> FTR,

>> Upon rereading the OP, I think you're right.

>> Also, David Lipman later responded to the original post in
>> m.p.w.security_admin by suggesting a scan with Gmer.

| That is quickly becoming a standard practice - "rootkits" must be
| addressed before anything else in your toolbox can be trusted to work as
| designed. The term "rootkit" is in the popular lexicon just as "virus"
| was - its meaning is being shifted and soon we'll be hearing about the
| "trojan rootkit virus" that caused my brother's laptop to spew black
| smoke. :o)

LOL "trojan rootkit virus" LOL

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