From: Nil on
On 31 Mar 2010, Albert <albert.xtheunknown0(a)> wrote in

> I was just hoping for a list of locations that I should have a look
> at.

That's not good enough. Your data files could be scattered anywhere at
all on your hard disk. We have no way of knowing how organized you are.

You have to search the whole disk.

I usually buy a new disk and keep the old one for a few months so I can
retrieve anything I might have forgotten during the transition.
From: Raoul Watson on
Albert wrote:
> XP is becoming sluggish but before I wipe my entire hard disk I wish
> to do a backup of files I can't afford to lose.
> I've gone through My Documents, OpenOfficePortable and Program files.
> I neither have Office nor movies nor pictures. Have I missed anything?
> TIA, Albert
How about your favorites folder, bookmarks for sites?