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>>>> mbam had a legal conflict with IOBit, claiming iobit infringed IP.
>>>> During that battle would have been a good time for iobit to claim
>>>> that mbam harbored 'gremlins', but it did not. It only claimed
>>>> that it didn't intentionally infringe IP and that remedies had been
>>>> taken about mbam's concerns.
>>> What does *infringe IP* mean?
>> IP=intellectual property. IOBit reverse engineered mbams database and
>> used alot of it, line for line; as was copy/pasted from ours.
>> Infringe means they used it, without permission.
> IOBit is another company like malwarebytes? (never heard of it before)

It's another company like malwarebytes only in the sense they are against
malware. With that said tho, they took things that didn't belong to them;
like pcbutts routinely does. your not missing anything by not knowing
iobit software.

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