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Bruce wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Mar 2010 10:21:30 +0000, Martin Brown
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>> Chris H wrote:
>>> In message <Ju2nn.112685$0N3.51856(a)newsfe09.iad>, Martin Brown
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>>>>> Buy a printer, and print your own.
>>>> Not cost effective unless you use cheapo secondary market inks and
>>>> cheap paper and then the quality and longevity suffer. Even with
>>>> official Canon inks and paper stuff printed on my i9000 starts to fade
>>>> badly after 5 years in moderate light. And after two years in direct
>>>> sunlight.
>>> Actually it IS cost effective if you buy a decent printer with a
>>> fotospeed, permajet or similar high capacity ink flow system. Note this
>>> is not the cheapo 3rd party ink but Ink for pro photographers. Buy the
>>> good quality paper in blocks of 200 and colour calibrate the system
>>> Not a cheap outlay.
>> My main concern with doing that would be that I don't necessarily use
>> the A3 printer for a couple of weeks and then hammer it. I know that the
>> Canon cartridges will behave OK. I don't know how well these 3rd party
>> and frankly slightly Heath Robinson bulk ink systems would behave.
> There is nothing "Heath Robinson" about them at all*. They are well
> engineered, at least the ones available for Epson printers are.
> Regarding your concern about leaving the printer for a couple of weeks
> between uses, you should be just as concerned about doing that with
> ink cartridges. I run a test print two or three times a week if I am
> otherwise not using my printers. This seems to do the trick and it
> doesn't cost a lot of money.
> *For those who don't understand the reference to W. Heath Robinson:

Ah! A Brit Rube Goldberg....... or, more properly, Rube Goldberg was a
Yankee Heath Robinson.

john mcwilliams

In additon to it's, we can have hi's, her's and their's!!!

Help stamp out repetition, gratuitou's apostrophe's, and NEEDLESS',
*EMPHASIS*. And tautological statements which waste space and can be
repetitive or even wordy in and of themselves', thus taking more time to
read, or even think about; it's tedious and enervating.

These are *THE* internet *SCOURGES'*, along with exclamation points!!!
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