From: Harry Johnston [MVP] on
On 2010-03-10 8:35 a.m., Gene3 wrote:

> You are correct!
> This works on my XP Home SP3 computer, as also pointed out by nmroadrunner
> at
> Use method 2 in
> Delete the registry key in step 1. (You can ignore step 2 which doesn't work
> anyway.) Do not perform step 3 which involves removing a folder with files,
> or Microsoft Update will reinstall the update to .NET Framework and undo
> your changes.
> Summary: just remove the registry key. Firefox will not see the .NET
> Framework, and Microsoft Update will not put it back.

Be aware that anything which triggers a repair of the .NET framework will
probably restore the key. This might (I don't know) include things like future
..NET updates, or the installation of new programs which use .NET.

Hopefully a future version of Firefox will require global add-ons to be opted-in
by the user. I think that would be the best long-term solution.


Harry Johnston