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>>> Thanks. I stopped by Best Buy yesterday and asked them about the # DVDs
>>> I would need for restore images, 3. I had spent 45 minutes in Barnes &
>>> Nobles looking at Win 7 books...
>> Windows 7 Inside Out
>>> I'm not real impressed by the HP getting started. I don't think anything
>>> was mentioned about buying the disks for $30. Maybe I missed it, but
>>> when I was considering Vista, MS had some pretty decent fairly long
>>> videos on line that pretty reasonably covered lots of topics. From my
>>> post above, I think the best that could be turned up for 7 is the 7
>>> second videos. Ugh.
>> cf.
>>> Ah, what about the fabled Win7 transfer cable. As best I can tell it's a
>>> USB 2 cable.
>> Again, post such questions here:
> Done here. The other sites have taken a disappointingly long time to
> respond. Holidays? The book will fix that.