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> On 03 Mar 2010, "Toni" <Toni(a)> wrote in
> microsoft.public.windowsxp.general:
>> I've been using Winzip for as long as I can remember -
>> probably since it first came out.
>> I've absolutely never had any problems whatsoever unzipping
>> anything that Winzip is designed to unzip. Never.
> This guy is claiming the opposite, that archive files that
> Winzip creates cannot be opened by other programs.
> I don't believe it.

It's entirely possible if they are trying to open files that were zipped
with other than "legacy" format settings in Winzip.
Winzip has other zip formats available, several of which can only be
unzipped with Winzip. You get smaller files, but you also single-source what
can unzip them. You can read about it on their web site. I don't know of any
competition that has yet bothered to keep up with them but I also don't use
the special compression choices; legacy is good enough almost all the time.

For insatnce, it can use AES encryption in addition to zipping, including
passwords, etc.. Zipx and a few other types can't be opened with other apps
quite often, but they are the most compressed settings. And so on. Their web
site does a fair job of explaining things.

Just for grins, I grabbed a copy of the compressed files from Help that
winzip can handle. Ut can't necessarily create them but it can unzip them
Zip files
*.zip, *.zipx

LHA archives
*.lha, *.lzh

All archives
*.zip, *.zipx, *.z, *.gz, *.tz, *.taz, *.tgz, *.lha, *.lzh, *.tar,
*.cab, *.wmz, *.yfs, *.wsz, *.rar, *.bz, *.bz2, *.tbz, *.tbz2, *.7z, *.img,

Encoded files
*.uu, *.uue, *.xxe,*.bhx, *.b64, *.hqx, *.mim

Archives and .exe files
*.zip, *.zipx, *.z, *.gz, *.tz, *.taz, *.tgz, *.lha, *.lzh, *.tar,
*.cab, *.wmz, *.yfs, *.wsz, *.exe, *.rar, *.bz, *.bz2, *.tbz, *.tbz2, *.7z,
*.img, *.iso

Archives, encoded, and .exe files
*.zip, *.zipx, *.z, *.gz, *.tz, *.taz, *.tgz, *.lha, *.lzh, *.tar,
*.cab, *.wmz, *.yfs, *.wsz, *.exe, *.uu, *.uue, *.xxe, *.bhx, *.b64, *.hqx,
*.mim, *.rar, *.bz, *.bz2, *.tbz, *.tbz2, *.7z, *.img, *.iso

WinZip´┐Ż job files

All files (*.*)



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