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> Harold Fuchs wrote:
>> "RA Brown" <rabrown(a)> wrote in message
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>>> Mike Scott wrote:
>>>> Now I'm wondering - the background colour intended to be printed and
>>>> the background colour as seen when editing on-screen are not the same
>>>> thing. Instructions given earlier in this thread will change the
>>>> printed colour (indeed, cheaper to use coloured paper!), but is this
>>>> what the OP wanted -- he specifically said "when I editing". Did he
>>>> just want a more restful screen background? Options | Appearance if so.
>>> Mike,
>>> I think you hit the nail on the head, I read the original post the same
>>> way. I did not think to follow you path to get the job done. I just
>>> hope the OP is following, if not replying.
>>> Andy
>> If the OP only wants the background blue while editing then I *guess* the
>> only way is to format>page>background>blue, do the editing and then
>> *remember* to revert the page background before printing.Or is there some
>> other way?
> Using the Tools > Options > Appearance, as stated above, does not require
> that the background be changed when printing or saving. The whole "page"
> has the color selected instead of just printable area.
> Andy

Yes. Missed that.
Harold Fuchs
London, England
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