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> On Mar 4, 10:47 pm, "jc...(a)" <jc...(a)> wrote:
>> Here's the deal and thanks for the ideas guys... I think I'm pretty
>> well stuck. I somehow need to be able to clear the password for admin
>> or power user through a guest login. Once I get to the login screen,
>> my keyboard fails to work and my CD isn't available. Both appear to
>> have issues as viewed in Device Manager. I can access the Internet
>> through my browser but cannot open email. so I need some hacker bag
>> of sneaky tricks to either switch to my other registry that I have on
>> my hard drive OR eliminate the passwords to my admin login where I can
>> boot into admin and at least run something like my Spyware Doctor. As
>> it is, through guest login, I don't seem to have the rights to do
>> much. I'm looking at this site - anyone have any experience with the
>> software? TIA
> ...switch to your other registry?
> How do you create this other registry? Did you use some third party
> tool like ERUNT, make your own copy (what did you copy)?
> Are you able to boot into the XP Recovery Console? Depending on your
> method to create your other registry, you could copy what you think to
> be a working registry in just a few minutes from RC - but we have to
> know how you created the backup.
> You can create a bootable XP Recovery Console CD when no XP media is
> available:
> Did you assign a password to your Administrator account? The question
> is not - did you forget the password, the question is did you assign a
> password. There are good ways to clear the XP Administrator password
> without using Windows but it is unethical to help someone breach
> security. Some Googling is helpful if you just need to clear the XP
> Administrator password.
> What would you do if you could clear the Administrator password?
> How are you able to login as Guest? That is disabled usually. How is
> it that yours is not?
> So far there is nothing you describe that is unachievable.


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In article <af87afac-b940-4e47-9007-
1dd546f6aa3e(a)>, jcage(a) says...
> Something in my registry is keeping my system from seeing my keyboard
> upon bootup of my XPproSP2 machine. Might be a virus or spyware but
> at any rate, it boots fine and allows the mouse to work okay but the
> keyboard isn't acknowledged. When I booted into safemode, the
> keyboard appeared to be working all the way until it was time to enter
> a password to get into Admin (when I started to type the admin
> password, the num lock LED went out and for all intents and purposes,
> the keyboard was dead). Aside from the keyboard not working, the
> system seems to be okay. Also, I have a couple of registries backed up
> on the machine if I can get into Admin and if there's a way to toggle
> back and forth between the two registries.
> When I boot into a guest profile and get into device manager, the CD
> and keyboard have that yellow mark as though there's an issue with
> that particular driver. I've tried my normal PS2 keyboard and also a
> USB keyboard - both seem to have the same effect. Anyone know of any
> tricks on something like this? TIA

Have you got a 2nd computer that can network with it. Maybe you could
use some kind of remote desktop software, such as netmeeting on xp.
It's not that difficult to set up and requires very little character
input. A few simple copy/paste clicks should be enough.

Pete Ives
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