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"Nil" <rednoise(a)> wrote in message
: On 06 Jul 2010, Jim <bojimbo261(a)> wrote in
: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general:
: > THEY ?????????
: You know: THEY. The ones that hide under your bed and behind your
: closet door and watch you when you use the bathroom. The ones that
: hover overhead in those invisible silent helicopters. That They.

Yes, THEY are out there! THEY are coming to take us away.

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On Jul 6, 4:07 pm, "JLMcCabes" <JLMcCa...(a)> wrote:
> PC crashed, They installed XP PRO 2007..  I have the disks for 2002.  THEY
> are less than helpful with any thing.  That is why Want to get the 2007 disk
> on download so I can also have a copy.  Want to run repair, whatever, to fix
> mouse problems, etc.  Any suggestions.

I believe that you are confused. Windows XP Pro is 2002 version and
there is no other version. Windows XP Pro came out in 2002 and has
received 3 service pack updates.

Are you looking for Office 2007? Office is a separate product and was
never sold with any Windows version. Some computer manufacturer might
have included Office on the computer when you purchased it. Contact
them directly.