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Larry Ralph wrote:
> 1. My winver is = Version 5.1 (build 2600.xpsp_sp2_qfe.090804-1435
> Service Pack 2). Physical Memory available to Windows: 3,011,692
> KB.
> 2. I have a HP Intel´┐Ż Pentium Duel CPU E2220 @ 2.40GHz. 2.40 GHz
> , 2.87 Ram. Physical Address Extension.
> 3. My Internet Explorer Ver is 8.06001.18702. But I did
> uninstalled Ver. 8 and went back to Ver 6 when following directions
> to install SP3.
> After seeing all of your other instruction ( Many that I have
> already tried) I am thinking is it worth installing SP3 to go
> through all this again? What Makes SP3 that important to install??

In the end - it is up to you. People still run Windows 98 as of today.

Soon enough you will be unable to get any updates for your Windows
XP system unless you have Windows XP SP3. If you have Windows XP
SP3 - you should be able to receive updates from Microsoft until April 2014.

The steps I have given may look long - but they are less than a few hours
work - especially if you have done some of them before. (Not that you
should skip anything or go out of order - but because you say you have
done some of them before - the second time should be faster as it will
have to change/do less.)

List of fixes that are included in Windows XP Service Pack 3

The article clearly states that the list of fixes it shows were added to SP3
only. If you want to know what was included in SP2 or SP1a - they have
links in the article. ("The following fix list includes only the updates
that were added in Windows XP SP3.")

So - out of those 1174 additional fixes (yes - there are 1174 listed in SP3
alone) - how many do you have installed Post-SP2? I had about 100-120 on
a good day before SP3 was released. ;-)

While right now you can still download the patches from Microsoft if you
not upgraded to SP3 - that will soon end. Combine that with the hardware
and software manufacturers who have already started cutting their product
support off at Windows XP SP3 or later operating systems and you are
yourself a nice wall preventing yourself from using new hardware and new
software in a very short period of time (some cannot get over your wall
That is something you should weigh in on when making your final decision.

You'll likely live a long and happy life without them. Your computer
might stay running perfectly for many decades to come without SP3. You may
never change OSes, you may never upgrade applications and you may be
perfectly safe behind a router with your same antivirus/antispyware running.

Make sure you keep really good backups - no matter what - but especially if
you decide you are okay with not fixing your machine (cleaning up whatever
obvious issue it has now) so SP3 can install properly.

You still left out some of the requested information, BTW.

What "Edition" is your Windows XP? That was the picture.
- Home Edition?
- Professional Edition?
- Tablet PC Edition?
- Media Center Edition?

What "architecture" is your Windows XP? Although that can quickly
but only partially be answered by the "Edition" question.

The reverting back to Internet Explorer 6 or 7 is only necessary before
installing SP3 if you ever want to revert that far back after installing
Otherwise - you can have IE8 installed or IE7 installed while installing

If it was me or someone I knew and/or cared about - I would be going
through the instructions I gave in order to remedy an obvious problem
with the system as Windows XP SP3 should install on a fully
functional/clean Windows XP system - and if it doesn't - something is
wrong with said system.

It's not me though. ;-)

I reiterate, however, if you do go through the list - don't skip a step
even if you *know* you have done it before.

Shenan Stanley
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