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On Sep 30, 6:04 pm, calabas...(a) wrote:
> I spent quite awhile tracking down all these files (for my own
> personal use). I figured I'd post them here to save others the time.
> The download link is at the bottom of this page. Firstoff I have a
> bunch of old school screen savers. Here's what you get:
> -3D Flying Objects.scr (with original Windows logo)
> -Flying Windows.scr
> -Flying Toaster.scr (flying toasters)
> -3D Maze.scr
> -3D Kaleidoscope.scr
> -Galaxies.scr
> -Flurrie.scr
> -Aquatica 3.scr (fish)
> -Halloween screensaver
> -CSS.scr (analog clock screensaver)
> -Johnny Castaway screensaver
> -Grav.scr (gravity screensaver)
> -ssScience.scr (science screensaver)
> -Magic 2000.scr
> -Windows 98.scr
> -Worms.scr
> -ssbezier.scr
> -ssflwbox.scr
> -ssmyst.scr
> -sspipes.scr
> -ssstars.scr.
> -ssmarque.scr
> -sstext3d.scr
> Next, here's a few toys I've used to customize the look/feel of my
> operating system:
> 1- Icon Editor from Software Club WS. The Icon Editor program is an
> EXE file called "scie.exe". With this piece of software you can create
> your own ICO files....with transparency! Incidentally, if you're
> looking for a bunch of old icons (many dating back to Windows 3.0) I
> have hundreds of them. Feel free to email me (use my AOL address, I
> never check gmail)
> 2- GIF Animator.exe....This is an original Microsoft file which came
> out around the same time as Windows 95. It works perfectly in Windows
> XP. Here's a couple of animated GIF's I made using this software:
> *My avatar:
> *I recreated the original AOL throbber to use on Firefox (I love old
> school). The background is grey to match my browser toolbar
> background.
> 3- Bitstrip.exe....With this program you can convert an animated GIF
> to a BITMAP animation strip. Here's an example:
> 4- Resource Hacker.exe....Anyone who's into customizing their OS knows
> about this program and what it does. So I'll spare you the details
> 5- TweakUI.exe....When changing your system icons, it's often
> necessary to rebuild the icon cache in order for the new icons to
> show. This program will also do many other things. But so far, that's
> all I've used it for. Also, if you plan on adding quite a few icons,
> it's recommended that you change the size of your icon cache. Here's a
> detailed article on how to do that:
> 6- ScreenHunter.exe....for taking screenshots
> 7- CT4780SoundCardDriver.exe...."Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live!
> CT4780" is an older, but great soundcard. I found the audio to
> actually be BETTER than that onboard audio that came with my Gigabyte
> motherboard. These cards are inexpensive and very easy to find
> (there's a bunch of them on eBay right now). However, it took me
> FOREVER to find this driver. So I've included that here too.
> 8- XP Tricks and Tips....This is a Word document which contains a few
> tricks I've found online including a simple way to change your boot/
> splash screen (without additional software downloads).
> ***********************************************************************
> 7Zip (download from website)
> I was using WinRar to extract rar files, but after building my new
> computer, I didn't feel like paying for this software again. 7-Zip
> does the same thing and it's free! I did find the toolbar and icon
> pack somewhat lacking, but was able to spruce it up by using Resource
> Hacker.
> ***********************************************************************
> Now I'm sure most you won't want EVERYTHING that's here (a majority of
> you will probably only want the screensavers). So this is a zip file.
> Just extract the stuff you want and delete the rest. It's only 14 MB
> so it shouldn't take long to download
> Here's the download link:
> Bryan

Thank you so very much. These screen savers are not an easy find.