From: Suudy on
On Jan 30, 8:14 am, BruceMcF <agil...(a)> wrote:
> Are there any minimal-Forth-processor-on-chip soft cores for Actel
> parts?

I haven't seen any. But there is no reason that a Forth kernel
couldn't be integrated and run on the available ARM or 8051 cores.

> Oh, and 65C02 machine code cores, or is that too big?

Too big? I don't think size is an issue. The issue is the
availability of cores. The Actel site doesn't list any 65xx cores.
It only has ARM, 8051, and the already public LEON SPARC core. And if
the parts can fit the LEON or ARM, it certainly can handle a 65C02.

Though Opencores has a core that supports the 6502, 65C02, and 65C816
cores. It claims to be cycle accurate with the 6502, but incomplete
for 65C02. It is a micro-coded state machine, so it requires some
internal ROM for the microcode. It doesn't look overly complex, and
eliminating the 16450 that is included could shrink it even more. See

Also, Sierra Circuit provides a 65C02 core (in addition to a bunch of
the uP cores). I don't know what they charge, but it may be trivial
for a pre-synthesized netlist, rather than a source-code license.
Check out