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>I have the same issue on a vaio laptop. The problem is specifically
>when shut down or restart is selected from Start Menu or any other way,
>it almost shuts down. But it hangs on blue screen and an arrow cursor.
>It is not frozen, cursor can be moved. To finish shut down, the power
>button must be held in. Everything else is non responsive.
>It would appear that the system is not affected adversely by the forced
>shutdown. THere are no notifications of serious errors on reboot.
>It simply won't shut down like it is supposed to.

The solution to my problem came from an entirely unexpected source. I've
gone through 3 versions of Nero burning software, and have never been happy
with any of them, so finally in complete frustration today I uninstalled
the product.

My system now shuts down and restarts again.

I suspect that the problem was that Nero was waiting for some signal from
(probably) the DVD drive that it was finished, and not receiving (or not
recognizing) the signal, refused to release the hardware, thus causing
Windows to go into a state of endless waiting.

This is just a guess, mind you, but given the immediate solution that
ensued, I strongly suspect something of that nature was to blame.


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Just to make it really clear, I did a total reload of XP Pro.
Somewhere along the load of drivers, the problem began to occur again
exactly as before. I will look into the drivers for CD ROM. I did
notice that the Matsushita CD ROM driver loaded but with an error and
exclamation point in Device Manager.

I also use CD Burner XP for CD Burning. SO I will take a look at
removing that as well and report back the findings here.

Thanks for the leads guys!

P.S. I have no problems with validation before or after reload.

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I had this really long post describing all the great things I
tried....but my laptop crashed.

THe conclusion I have come to....

Sony Vaio is the OEM Manufacturer of this machine. They use OEM
software and in some cases drivers for their OEM parts in the VAIO
In this case I have a Matsushita DVD CD ROM drive.
The "drivers" on Vaio's website are actually "firmware" upgrades.
Not drivers. Windows usually loads the drivers for this kind of
Or perhaps the OEM Burning software that comes packaged with the drive
will supply the extracurricular drivers or whatever to make the DVD CD
ROM drive even appear.

At first this drive did appear in My Computer. But it did not appear
that the drivers were properly loaded in Device Manager. THe other
"drivers" on Sony Vaio website are a registry update and a firmware
update for a Pioneer drive.

No one else has this. Matshita_UJ-842D....I can not fix the driver.
This might be the issue with the blue screen.

The other issue is an unknown device on Intel(R) 82801GBM (ICH7-M) LPC
Interface Controller - 27B9. I found several drivers that called
themselves by this name but none of them would work for me.

I have resolved that I will get the OEM Restore CD's from Sony to
correct this issue. I am done fiddling with it.

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