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laurie wrote:
> my daughter turned on her laptop and got the bsod at first it didint have any
> messages she was able to boot to windows and received a message that the user
> interface faulire in dll.msgnia.dll. then it wouldn't show a display she
> tried again and got bsod and this message PSN-list_corrupt. i googled but
> the only thing in english i could find was on PFN_list_corrupt. please help
> daughter is across state in college and needs laptop to work. she hasn't
> changed anything on it and it was working fine up to 3 days ago.

Has your daughter tried to boot into Windows Safe Mode? If the problem
still happens when in Safe Mode, then it's likely bad RAM. If the
problem doesn't happen in Safe Mode, then the problem may be caused by a
faulty device driver.

As others have pointed out, try to run Memtest86+ on the machine. One
easy way to get this Memtest is to download a Linux Live CD of Ubuntu,
or other Linux distro, they usually come with Memtest86+ by default to
test for bad RAM. You can run it straight off of the CD drive, you won't
have to install the operating system to the hard disk.

And if it passes the Memtest, then you can try to see if it boots into
Linux without any incidence too. If it goes to Linux without a problem,
then the problem is confirmed that it's a Windows device driver problem.

Yousuf Khan
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