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Hello Pegasus - thanks, the Bart thing scares me but I'll look at the W7
repair option when I can get to a faster machine to download.

Hello Paul - the HD dignostic is where I'm going to go, initially, I think.
I take your comments about power as well. there is a Hw monitor page in my
BIOS, and it does give temperatures. I've no idea what is a good / bad temp
reading, it generally runs at 55 degrees. Yes, sorry for the typo it is a
P4i65g. Dell is the printer, the PC is from a now defunct UK company called
"Tiny". I'll check your other links as well.

Hello NJK - don't know about a sytem restore, tried that off the "sorry we
apologise" screen, just gets into the loop again. I've unplugged the
printer from the USB lead, but I've not, on reflection, actuially taken out
the lead from the PC.

I'll try all these later this evening

many thanks all, for your support

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> Hello all:
> Summary = disabled entries in start up menu, messed around with BIOS, cannot
> get intosafemodenow! Idiot.
> Details = installed a new printer last week (Dell 1320cn) and PC then slowed
> down. I therefore disabled the entries relating to Dell in my start up menu,
> using CCleaner.  Now the boot process gets as far as "4 devices IN - WIN
> iAPP" then "Checking NVRAM" then goes to the "We apologise for the
> inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully."   At that point it
> offers me options of:SafemodeorSafemodewith networking orSafemode
> with command prompt or Last Known Good Configuration or Start windows
> normally.  The SWN is the one highlighted, and the arrows will not allow me
> to move and select any other choice.
> I've used F2 > Setup and adjusted boot preferences to start from a CD,
> expecting to be able to use my slipstreamed XP + SP2 disc.  PC tries to
> start
> that way, displaying "Choose any key to boot from CD" but when I do hit any
> key, it returns to the screen above with the options that I again cannot
> choose.   I've reset the BIOS to 1st choice boot = HDD

You have to be quick when pressing the key

> I cannot get past this screen, in order to reopen CCleaner and enable the
> Dell entries.
> BIOS is P4i656 P1.30.  Machine is XP + SP3. AV is Trend Micro Internet
> Security 2009 and I did a full scan only the other day.  Just scheduled, not
> because I suspected anything.   Checked "Hijack this" at the same time - I'm
> no expert on that at all but saw nothing untoward.
> All help gratefully accepted!
> Did you or the Dell printer install make a system restore point that you
> could drop back to ?
> ... have you tried disconnecting your new printer USB lead in case its'
> pulling too much current from the USBport to which it is connected ?
> ...reminiscent of a Lexmark all-in-one printer/scanner (connected to an Asus
> A7V8x-x with Via chipset), that was pulling 500ma - system would only boot
> intermittently, or not at all, with printer USB connected.
> ...had to fit powered USB hub and connect Lexmark to that !
> regards, Richard

From: CharlieSomerset on
Hello all - thanks for the many suggestions and expert guidance. I managed
to obtain an HDD test and the HD looked OK. Sadly, my slipstreamed XP disc,
which has certainly worked before elsewhere, was not working adequately in
this instance (would never get to anywhere other than well into "set up",
then told me it could not find NTLDR ) and so in the end I'm afraid I had to
take the whole PC to a doctor, who had to reload XP from scratch. All back
to normal now, and I've even done what I should have done yonks ago and
bought an external HD to back up EVERYTHING.

Thanks again to all who offered advice.