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And on top of the page of the first link it appears :-),,,,

But here we see contradictions

As Ingo deszcribes that the only diffference is the service contracts ,
everything is now more explicit as it was , however the underlying machinery
is just the same
until sofar i didn`t see so much difference myself in the two , but i guess
i should bether update my CV now and state that i use the WCF buzz ;-) .



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> Am 15.04.2010 19:05, schrieb Michel Posseth [MCP]:
>> Hmmm,,, ;-|
>>> "A legacy technology:" ".NET Remoting":
>> Remoting = WCF or bether Remoting is one of the technologies used in WCF
>> Just that Ms decided to package webservices and Remoting for marketing
>> purposes and call it WCF doesn`t make it "legacy"
>> ( Legacy is VB6 :-) ) ,, selling old wine in new packages is how we
>> Dutch people call that
> "A legacy technology" was a quote from the linked page:
> "This topic is specific to a legacy technology that is retained for
> backward
> compatibility with existing applications and is not recommended for new
> development.
> Distributed applications should now be developed using the Windows
> Communication
> Foundation (WCF)."
> --
> Armin

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Am 16.04.2010 07:08, schrieb Michel Posseth [MCP]:
> And on top of the page of the first link it appears :-),,,,

Ummm....yep, I know, that's where it's from. I read it.
Anyways, we all know it know. ;)