From: soft on
I am using outlook 2003 , i like download email from hotmail server for
specefic tims . how can i configure it?
From: VanguardLH on
Roady [MVP] wrote:

> Make sure you have the latest Outlook Hotmail Connector installed.

The add-on permits IMAP-like access to your folders in your Hotmail mailbox
(i.e., you get access to folders other than the Inbox folder). Hotmail also
supports POP access so the add-on is not mandatory to access your Hotmail
From: VanguardLH on
soft wrote:

> I am using outlook 2003 , i like download email from hotmail server for
> specefic tims . how can i configure it?

Don't leave Outlook running all the time. Only load it at the times you
want to download e-mails. Or you could use the File -> Offline menu to
disable network access by Outlook to keep it offline while you work with
existing e-mails or other features of Outlook, and then use File -> Offline
when you want to toggle Outlook back online to retrieve any e-mails received
since you put it offline. Of course, you could leave Outlook running all
the time but increase the mail poll interval to however many minutes you
want between them.

You could also add an event to Task Scheduler that loads Outlook at whatever
particular timing schedule that you want. However, that would load Outlook
and leave it running. It is possible to also schedule a taskkill.exe event
that would kill the outlook.exe process but that would likely result in
corruption of the message store which might not be recoverable. Slamming
Outlook shut without a graceful shutdown of its process is never good
regarding stability of its database. Outlook has no command-line parameter
to initiate a graceful shutdown of it.

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